The Calling

GOD spoke to Dr. Michael Parker in the beginning of 2002 about Pastoring a people and reaching lost souls. Dr. Parker’s first thought was “LORD, you must mean someone else because there is no way I can pastor a church with my career”.  GOD’s response was, “That’s the point”.  His career had to be sacrificed in order to fulfill the call that GOD had given.  However, at this point in his Christian walk, Dr. Parker was content with serving as deacon at his church.  Furthermore, Dr. Parker thought he needed a degree to advance to the next level in his career as a Special Agent with the Federal Government.  So he attended school full time pursuing his Bachelor’s Degree from Georgia College and State University and worked as a police detective, heading a specialized unit.

However, God had another plan for his life.  After hearing God’s call for his life, Dr. Parker went home and shared his experience with his wife, Tabitha. She was thrilled, but puzzled just as Dr. Parker was. After several months of wrestling with his calling, because he had the earnest desire to please the LORD, Dr. Parker and Co-Pastor Tabitha said “Yes” to the Lord.  At that point in their lives, they decided to share The Vision, in which the Lord had given them concerning Word of Life Church Inc. Word of Life Church Inc. began with only seven members in the Holiday Inn Express conference room, in Sandersville, Georgia. On December 29, 2002, Dr. Parker and First Lady Tabitha Parker were ordained as pastors of Word of Life Church Inc., Sandersville, Georgia. They moved the church from the Holiday Inn Express conference room to 114 South Harris Street in Sandersville, Georgia; a small store front church.  Since its birth, Word of Life Church Inc. has grown into six locations:  Sandersville, Dublin, Milledgeville, Macon, and Warner Robins and an Online Campus.  Word of Life has over 1100 members.