Expert Mentor

Judah Life Coaching offers access to Dr. Michael S. Parker and his experts who provide real-life guidance, training and feedback throughout the 4 months.

Success Support

This is more than a community! It’s a mastermind where mentors give direction and peers motivate and keep you focused on achieving your goals.

Meet Your Mentor

Dr. Michael S. Parker is the Pastor of Word of Life Church Inc. He has been in Ministry for over 21 years. Dr. Parker has an Associate’s Degree of Criminal Justice from Georgia Military College, a Bachelor’s degree of Science from Georgia College and State University, a Master of Arts in Theology from Liberty University, and a Doctorate of Ministry from Christian Bible Institute and Seminary. Dr. Parker is also married to First Lady Tabitha L. Parker and they have five children.
As your coach, Dr. Parker will cheer you on and encourage you to reach goals beyond your comfort zone. He will also share the knowledge and experience he has acquired over his life span to help you succeed and become a better you.